Released at Solskogen 2020, 4KB Executable Graphics (a single 4KB executable file generates this image, with no external data).

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Where leaves fall in Autumn, flowers bloom in Spring

Solskogen 2020 was the last ever Solskogen party, and I wanted to make something fitting.

It was the end of an era, and a time of sadness as well as a really good party. Sunset and Autumn came to mind, and Autumn speaks to me of falling leaves the colour of flames and golden light.

So, a leaf strewn forest floor, dappled golden sunlight. The final element was the ring - discarded and left in the woods, a symbolic closing gesture.


Again, I started with the lighting. The ambient light has a green tint, and the main light is quite orange to hint at sunset.

I placed 2 planes between the scene and the light with holes in to create a dappled light effect (you can see the hole pattern, but with the leaves in places it’s not visible so wasn’t worth changing).


The ring is just a stretched torus.


Next, leaves. I used SDFs for this, with domain repetition to basically make a grid of leaves. Size, shape, colour and rotation are randomised, and they’re given a slight curl.


I then added more layers, with a random rotation and offset, to build the leaf pile.

Easy, but: the leaves all intersect.


I had to figure out how to pile leaves up without them overlapping. A physics sim wasn’t viable. Doing this analytically is way beyond my maths level. Time for dirty hacks :D

Compare this shot with the last one - the leaves are in exactly the same position, but they magically no longer intersect:


How? I built the leaf pile in layers, bottom to top. For each layer, I take the shape of the leaf and use it to clip any geometry above it. This means if there’s a lower leaf intersecting the current one, the part that intersects gets removed. Cheap, hacky, but looks ok 🙃